About CredShare.

We’re out to enable safer, better, faster projects – for organisations and workers across the globe.

Our Story

It’s easy to forget, but compliance is about protecting people.

From dangerous work conditions…

From substandard work…

From being taken advantage of...

But regulations designed to protect, rarely consider how those obligations should be met. The burden of compliance falls upon the organisations, and it can be a heavy burden to carry.

The problem is, the harder it is, the greater the chance of mistakes.

When mistakes are made, people can be hurt, and lives can be lost.

We believe compliance is too important to be so hard.

We started CredShare to make workforce compliance management easy, for organisations and workers.

We believe that the easier compliance is to do, the more likely it gets done.

We’re on a mission to make workforce compliance easier than ever, and in doing so, empower safer, better, and faster projects – across the globe.

Our team (and why they choose CredShare)

Rowan Galbraith

Non-Executive Chairman

Barry Bloch

Non-Executive Director

Kyla Jones

Non-Executive Director

Hugh Robertson

Non-Executive Director

Andrew McMillan

Managing Director / CEO

Grame Barty

Head of Issuing Authorities