About CredShare.

The idea for CredShare was born in 2018 following 2 years of market research into the hiring of skilled trades. Over this time we interviewed hundreds of skilled workers and had dozens of meetings with employers and recruiters.

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Our conclusion

There was no straightforward way for skilled workers to manage their credentials or easily share them with current employers, future employers, project managers, supervisors, site managers or team leaders. Consequently workers, employers and sub contractors are all frustrated by the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to gather and share job credentials.

We knew there had to be a better way - so we built CredShare.
CredShare is the digital home for all job credentials. Workers, never lose a ticket or document again. Share all or selected credentials with anyone, anytime from your mobile or laptop. Businesses, see the credentials of your whole team, anytime, anywhere.

What's next for CredShare?

We'll be adding in notifications of when your tickets expire. It's bad enough when you lose a ticket, but it's worse if one expires without you knowing. Our research tells us that this can be a serious problem for you and your employer.

Soon after, we'll be adding links for our members to Registered Training Organisations. It's important that workers keep their training up to date and are kept aware of new tickets or qualifications that are available. All of our research told us that employers of skilled trades value and reward workers who up-skill.

Our mission

To simplify the process
of storing and
managing credentials

Andrew McMillan, Managing Director / CEO

Our mission is to provide skilled workers and businesses with a secure place to store and manage all job credentials online in one place, so that they are accessible anytime, anywhere

Our team

Rowan Galbraith

Non-Executive Chairman

Barry Bloch

Non-Executive Director

Kyla Jones

Non-Executive Director

Andrew McMillan

Managing Director / CEO